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 spearman build

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PostSubject: spearman build   Sat May 30, 2009 8:06 pm

Spearman Build- polearm (for spear switch the words spear with polearm and that is for spears)

lvl 30- pole arm mastery -1
lvl 31-iorn will-3
lvl 32-Hyper Body-3
lvl 33-Hyper body-3
lvl 34-hyper body-3
lvl 35-hyper body-3
lvl 36-hyper body-3
lvl 37 hyper body-3
lvl 38-hyper body-3
lvl 39-hyper body-3
lvl 40-hyper body-3
lvl 41-hyper body-3
lvl 42- pole arm mastery-3
lvl 43-pole arm mastery-3
lvl 44-pole arm mastery-3
lvl 45-pole arm mastery-3
lvl 46-pole arm mastery-3
lvl 47-pole arm mastery-3
lvl 48- pole arm mastery-1 final strike polearm-2
lvl 49-final strike polearm-3
lvl 50-final strike polearm-3
lvl 51-final strike polearm-3
lvl 52-final strike polearm-3
lvl 53-final strike polearm-3
lvl 53-final strike polearm-3
lvl 54-final strike polearm-3
lvl 55-final strike polearm-3
lvl 56-final strike polearm-3
lvl 57-final strike polearm-1 pole arm booster-2
lvl 58-polearm booster-3
lvl 59-polearm booster-3
lvl 60-polearm booster-3
lvl 61-polearm booster-3
lvl 62-polearm booster-3
lvl 63-polearm booster-3
lvl 64- iorn will-3
lvl 65- iorn will-3
lvl 66- iorn will-3
lvl 67-iorn will-3
lvl 68-iorn will-3
lvl 69- iorn will-2 other skill-1
lvl 70-other skill-3
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spearman build
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