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 warrior skills

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PostSubject: warrior skills   Sat May 30, 2009 7:40 pm


Max: Power strike
Max: Slash Blast
Max: max HP increase

lvl 10- Power strike- 1
Lvl 11- power strike- 3
lvl 12- increased HP recovery-3
lvl 13-increased HP recovery-2 improved max HP increase-1
lvl 14- Improved max HP increase -3
Lvl 15- improved max HP increase-3
lvl 16-improved max HP increase-3
lvl 17-power strike-3
lvl 18 power strike-3
lvl 19 power strike-3
lvl 20-power strke-3
lvl 21-power strike-3
lvl 22-power strke-1 Slash Blast-2
lvl 23-slash blast-3
lvl 34-slash blast-3
lvl 35-slash blast-3
lvl 36-slash blast-3
lvl 37-slash blast-3
lvl 38-slash blast-3
lvl 39&40-iorn will or improved hp recovery-6
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warrior skills
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