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 FAQ of Maple Fiesta

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PostSubject: FAQ of Maple Fiesta   Sat May 30, 2009 7:19 pm

Welcome to Maple Fiesta!!!

Q: How can I post on this Forum?
A: Well first you must make an account on the forums, as an account on the website, is for the website.

Q: How can my guide get sticky?
A: Well the way your guide can get sticky, is if the administration thinks its good enough, so we'll add a poll, which lets us know.

Q: Whats the point of posting multiple guides?
A: Each person may take a different person's guide, everyone has different opinions, a guide may be the best to you, but not to me.

Q: What else is on Maple Fiesta's Forums besides guides?
A: Well we host Mesos/Nx Events once in awhile, where you can win. We also have a Service Category, we are looking forward to adding a Market Category soon. Recruiting and searching for guilds/friends/family.

Q: I thought this was a Maplestory Guide website, not a trading website, why is that?
A: Don't you think it'll be boring, just looking at a bunch of guides all day, or would you rather have a forum where you can buy, sell, look for new friends/guild/family, and much more.

Q: How can I get banned from the forums and/or website?
A: Well for one thing false information on purpose will get you a warning. Spamming your guide, or telling people to vote for your guide as the best, will result in suspension. We will soon post rules, and regulations for the forums.

Q: Can I make suggestions for the website/forums?
A: All suggestions are welcomed, we love suggestions. We will soon add a suggestion format.

- More will be added-
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FAQ of Maple Fiesta
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